Latest UFOs sightings of May


Today I am sharing some of the latest ufo sightings which happen over some months mostly in may 2013.

Hovering UFO orbs over Ferreira, Portugal on 12th May 2013

A incident reported on 12th may 2013 from portugal where video footage of two UFOs hovering over Ferriera,Portugal found.

Mass UFO sighting over Christchurch, New Zealand on 12th May 2013

New interesting UFO sightings story of mass UFOs hovering in the night sky over Christchurch, New Zealand on 12th May 2013.

Witness said:

The release of “wish lanterns” at a birthday celebration for a Christchurch cancer sufferer may explain “strange” lights seen in the skies last night. The lanterns were released in Fendalton at a gathering for Danelle Wakefield. Wakefield has been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma cancer, which is a rare cancer normally found in children, and not adults. Despite aggressive chemotherapy on a tumour in her shoulder, Wakefield has been told she has between two months and two years to live.

Katie Ferguson, of Bishopdale, and her flatmate also saw the lights.

He saw 12 lights [and] yelled out. I raced out to look and I could see six orange lights hovering in the same place.

They were in two groups of three, then they distanced themselves from another and moved rapidly away, the cloud soon covered them but we were standing outside for a good two minutes trying to work out what we were seeing,” she said.

Nathan Hanna said the lights appeared to travel northwards direction, against the easterly breeze. One even appeared to move independently in an opposite direction at one point.

I can’t say what the UFOs were, but can safely say they weren’t lanterns,” he said.

Startling Photos of a UFO over Copiapó, Chile on 30th April 2013

New interesting UFO photos of an UFO or orb while hovering in the daytime sky above Copiapó, Chile on 30th April 2013.

Witness said:

Startling photos of an alleged UFO over a mining operation in Copiapó were published recently. These are photos taken last Tuesday afternoon (30 April 2013) by heavy equipment operators. The workers were carrying out dismantling operations in the Cerro Negro works of the CAP company, only a few kilometers distant from the Atacama Region, when they noticed the unidentified flying object.



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