History of Toll Free Vanity Numbers


                                                                The history of Toll Free Numbers is almost 55 years old. In 1967, AT&T launched a new product named as “interstate INWARD WATS”. This service was also known as Automated Collect Calling. This new “WATS” service has been introduced to cope up with a shortage of telephone company operators. These operators were becoming overwhelmed by the number of calls that were collected and were being accepted by businesses.

                                           Image of Toll free

                                                              AT&T believed that this service was an appropriate solution. In 1984, toll free services were unbundled by MFJ (Modified Final Judgment).In 1992, most of the calls at AT&T long distance networks turned out to be toll free calls and this number was as high as 40%.In 1994, toll free number portability were inducted and in 1996, “888”service was introduced. In 1997, international toll free numbers were introduced. It was estimated in that year that 11 million U.S. toll-free numbers were in use to support some 34 billion calls, two-thirds of which were handled by AT&T. In 1997, the first ever “global 800 numbers” were introduced. This was introduced by United nations-affiliated ITU (International telecommunication unit). In 1998, “877” service came into the market. These numbers were not introduced to replace 800 and 888 numbers but were introduced to expand the universe of available toll free numbers. While in 2000, “866” service was introduced. Thus, the ever increasing universe of toll free numbers became wider and businesses now had more and more options to avail the services and had more options to choose from available toll free numbers.

                                                          Toll free Vanity numbers are just an upgrade of toll free Numbers. The toll free numbers when attached to a word as its suffix turns to be a toll free vanity number and are generally used to symbolize and establish a brand value of a business. Toll free vanity numbers are one of the great ways to promote a business. 


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