Online Marketing


          The first and foremost question which arises in our mind when we hear the word “Online Marketing” is “What is Online Marketing”?


Online Marketing is the way to promote business through the use of internet.It refers to the method of advertising and marketing the product or business through the use of internet and email to promote sales and establish a brand in the market .The field of Online Marketing began in 1994 when Hotwired sold its first banner ads to several advertisers.


The methods involving the use of internet marketing are web marketing, email marketing and social media marketing.

  1. Webmarketing is the process which involves the use of E-Commerce websites and other informative websites , placing ads on various search engines and optimize the results of our business or brand at various SERP. The various search engines may include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Ask etc. Webmarketing is the vast field of marketing and all types of marketing over internet may be broadly classified as Webmarketing.
  2. Email marketing is the process of sending promotional emails to promote our brands.

  3. Social media marketing is the use of various social media websites to promote our brands.These social media websites may be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, AOL. Among these Youtube and AOL are the video sharing sites. These social media are those websites at which users share their ideas , Knowledge,information among various people around the globe.These social media sharing may include various methods like blog sharing, video sharing, photo sharing, link sharing, music sharing, message sharing .Nowadays you can find social media sharing buttons on almost all posts which is the denotion that a person is connected to the entire world and is sharing their ideas to the connected people.

There are three ways in which online advertising may be bought and these methods are:

CPM(Cost per Mille): This is the pay for exposure of brands to a particular targetted audience through advertisers.

CPC(Cost per Click):This is the cost when advertisers pay each time a user clicks on the ads.

CPA(Cost per Action):This is the most riskiest among all and the publisher takes the whole risk of running ads and the advertisers pay only for those users who complete the transaction process.

There are several more methods involved in internet marketing such as referral marketing, native marketing and content marketing.Today’s world and its globalisation has enabled to share information and content to the whole world immediately within few seconds. Now there is no barrier for a business and they can be expanded to the whole world through the use of Internet Marketing.

                                                                                   Internet Marketing Apps

The approach which a marketer should use are :

One to One approach: In such approaches a marketer targets a particular use or client and such target is determined by the keyword the user enters in a search engine while browsing internet.

Appeal to a specific interests: Such interests are for a particular audience , age group , etc.

Niche Marketing: In niche marketing field , marketer targets a particular interest and promotes business to a client with a specific motive and area of interest.

Geo Targeting: Geo targeting is the process of promotion of business in a particular country ,region or city.

Thus we can say that the field of internet marketing has ever increased and is on the rise and such field is always on the rise.


Google Maps Apps


Google maps for mobiles was started in 2005 , when google launched a java based application “Google map for mobiles”. It was develops to run on java based phone .On Nov 28 , 2007, another apps “Google maps for mobile 2.0” was launched. It was able to work on GPRS or without it.My location was used to determine the current user location with the help of GPS/assistant GPS location of mobile device.Wireless location method is calculated by discovering the nearby Wifi hotspots and using their location property.The order in which these take precedence is:

GPS based services

WLAN , Wifi based services

Cell transmitter based services

 Google Maps

In Nov 2008 , the services was available for the following platforms:

Symbian OS



Windows Mobile

Symbian OS

Blackberry OS

Palm OS

Palm webOS

Playstation Vita system software

Google maps apps

On November 2009 Google maps Navigation was released in association with Google Android OS 2.0 Eclair on Motorola Droid , adding voice commands , traffic views and street view support.In march it was announced that google provided map to almost 150 million users.On Dec 13 , 2012 Google Maps was launched on ios app store.Google Maps has many of the features that are in their Android map application, including turn by turn navigation , street view, and public transit information. More recently on 16 july 2013 a stable release of google apps was launched .The size of this applications is 11.6 MB . The newly designed Google Maps app for Android devices, iPhone, and iPad makes navigating your world faster and easier.



Vanity numbers can provide highly effective measures to attract customers to any business. It has been a few decades since the introduction of vanity numbers and since then, these numbers have gone strong. Advertisers can expect an increment of 84% in recall rates for vanity numbers in comparison to numeric numbers.

Toll free vanity number

No dearth of websites for vanity numbers

There is no dearth of websites available on the internet that claim to provide the best vanity numbers available. You can easily find many of them. Just don’t try to grab a number that reflects your company name which is newly established. Instead, try to focus on the business concerned or the services your company provides. This enables the customers understand what you do!

Go for a good vanity number

It is advisable to add a catchy and readily powerful vanity number to your business. If you are yet to start a business then try to obtain a vanity number, thereafter you can brand your business in the same flavor. This is the most effective method by which you can position your business to succeed. Just focus on company motto, slogan, logo name or mission statement. Try to make sure that you search a desirable vanity number.


Lookup tool

Go for toll free lookup tools. Using a toll free lookup tool, you can easily find out if the numbers you have in mind are available or not. Always keep in mind that many of the service providers can render you up to seven characters to be used, so you can’t go beyond that character limit. Try to focus on the best phrase or word which matches your business. Even you can’t use punctuations or quotes etc. So you have to look for the letters and numbers.

If you follow these guidelines, you may come up with a good vanity number for your business which can surely help you to succeed in this world of competition.

Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 is an outstanding sky high mountain temple running game , having a large demonic skulled face gorilla to outrun. Now the running path is no longer straight , there will be dips , rises and bends mixed in along with normal obstacles. Temple Run 2 is an upgraded version of temple Run which has been a very popular apps for today’s phone. It has redefined mobile gaming .

Temple Run 2

The release dates of Temple Run for ios was 16th Jan , 2013 while it was launched on 24th Jan, 2013 for Android. The release of temple Run on Windows is still to be done. This is a single player game and have almost the same features and controls.New obstacles like sharper turns ,waterfalls , ziplines ,mine tracks , and flames of fire offer a new challenge for users.There are four characters to select from and have new power-ups.Players now can save themselves from death by collecting(during run) and using green gems which can also be bought.In previous version of Temple Run there were three monkeys which are now replaced by a single bigger monkey or gorilla named as Chuchanck.


The game was in development stage since March 2012 and was announced on Jan 16 , 2013 as a surprise .The game was launched in New Zealand and hours later in the whole world.Gamezebo gave this game “4 stars” and quoted it as similar but better than Temple Run.Metacritic gave this apps ratings of 79% based on users responses.




Windows phone(Upcoming)

The updated version available in the market is 1.2.1 , being updated on June 25, 2013.The minimum configuration required is Android 2.1 and above.The size of this game is almost 30 MB.

Enjoy your free Run! 



Snapseed is a advanced photo editor for your android phone . It makes photo extraordinary.It adds amazing effects and enhances the photo effects to a greater extent. It makes photograph extraordinary and have built in Google+ Capabilities which makes it more powerful to share with family and friends. Snapseed was voted the iPad app of the year by Apple itself in year 2011.In 2012 it was voted “ Best Mobile Photo app”. Snapseed was launched in June 2011 on Apple ipad and on Apple iphone in August 2011 .Snapseed was launched on Mac OS in Jan 2012 and shortly in February 2012 it was made available on windows. In December 2012 , Snapseed was made available to Android devices.It is a wonderful image touchup apps.


The Benefits associated with Snapseed are:

It can easily adjust photos with a single tap using auto correct

It can tweak photos with perfection with tune image

It uses selective adjust to enhance specific objects or areas in your photos.

It adds border to photos

Dramas , Vintage , Grunge and tilt shift are used as experimental and innovative filters.

Share your photos with Google+ , email and other services you havce installed.


Android OS 4.0 and above

JPEG Photos

Tablets and phones

Languages support: English, French,German, Chinese , Spanish , Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Japanese.


The Current Size of this Apps is 24 MB and the last updated version available is April 22, 2013 while the version running in the market is 1.5.0.




Alexa , a California based subsidiary company of Amazon .com was launched in 1996 .The company was founded by American web businessmenBrewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. Alexa provides the website traffic data. Alexa was acquired by amazon in 1999.The toolbar collects data and trasmits the data to the alexa website where it is analysed and thus a report of alexa traffic is generated . According to 2013, Alexa provides the data of traffic resources of around 30 million websites.The websites of alexa is being visites by almost 10 million people on monthly basis.The name “Alexa” was choosen as a homage to the library of Alexandria.


The headquarters of Alexa is located at San Fransico, California, USA.There were some of the products associated with Alexa such as Alexa Web Search which was discontinued in 2008 and Alexa toolbar , still in work.


The operation of Alexa is based on the archiving of webpages as they are crawled.This database serve as the basis for the creation of the internet archive accessible through wayback machine. Alexa ranks websites primarlarily on the basis of tracking information of users of its toolbar for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome Web browsers.The Alexa Toolbar includes a popup blocker, a search box, links to and the Alexa homepage, and the Alexa ranking of the site that the user is visiting. It also allows the user to rate the site and view links to external, relevant sites.Originally alexa released a toolbar names as sparky which was meant for firefox.On april 16, 2008,many users reported dramatic shifts in their website’s Alexa Ranking. Later Alexa announced that they had relaeased updated ranking program and claims to take account more data sources beyond Alexa toolbar users .



In 2009 a major change brough up in Alexa ,offering new website metrics, including average pageviews per each individual user , Bounce Rate, and user time on site.In the following weeks Alexa further brough new features like visitor Demographics, Clickstream and Search Traffic Statistics.


The Major Disadvatage is that subdomain is not ranked seaparately. The overall traffic is calculated for whole of the domain.Thus, it raises questions that how can the traffic of all the pages can be same.


On the Conclusion we may say that Alexa Rank is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a period of three months.Thus Alexa is a very competitive tool , given that Alexa provides a detail of traffic of your website thus even helping in Search Engine Optimization.

Canvas 4 A210


Canvas 4

Canvas 4 is the latest phone to be launched by Micromax. The official unveiling of this phone is on 16th July and it has been announced byMicromax that those customers who advance book the phone before 7th Julywill have the chance to be present at the official unveiling ceremony of the phone. There will be ten lucky customers who will be offered this opportunity to be there at the ceremony and will get their phone at the launch.Canvas 4 is the latest phone to be launched by Micromax.The official unveiling of this phone is on 7th July and it has been announced by Micromax that those customers who advance book the phone before 7th July will have the chance to be present at the official unveiling ceremony of the phone.There will be ten lucky customers who will be offered this opportunity to be there at the ceremony and will get their phone at the launch.The advanced booking of this phone can be made by depositing Rs. 5000 ahead and the rest amount can be paid in installments after the launch of the phone , disclosure of phone details and its configuration within 7 days. The highlight is that Micromax still hasn’t officially announced the configurationsof the phone but the teasers launched on the official YouTube platform by Micromax user has made it in notices that the phone may have 13 MP Camera.It is being claimed that the phone may have the price tag of around Rs. 17000 .The tagline “Can life be endless”denotes that battery life may be very strong.It is also being claimed that the phone will run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will have an eight core processor. The detailed configurations of the pain may be:


Company/Brand > Micromax

Type > Dual Sim Smartphone

OS > Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Price > Rs. 17000

Announced > June 2013

Released > TBA July 8th 2013

Hype > 5/5

Chipset > Mediatek 6589

Processor > 1.2 GHz Quad-Core

GPU > Power VR SGX

RAM > 2 GB

Battery > 2500 mAh or more

Primary Camera > 13 MP

Secondary Camera > 5 MP

Weight > 182 g

Main Display > 5 inch Display

In-Built Storage > 8 GB

Special Features > Blow to Unlock

The 5 inch 1280 x 720 p display indicates that the phone will be at-least 144 mm high (5.67 inches ) and 76 mm wide (2.87 inches).

Thus Canvas 4 has created much hype in the market and people are ready to buy it as the phone previews showing great promise.