Pebble – iPhone and Android Smartwatch


The app store named as pebble has been launched for smart watches. The app store is now live for iOS and very soon to be launched in Android. It is to inform to all of you that Pebble is the customizable watch for iOS and android which is in fact the combination of iOS and android Apps, remote controls, workout stats, Notifications, open SDK and watch faces. The Pebble smart watch was released for the first time in 2013 by Pebble Technology via crowd funding platform Kick starter.


                                          It is being reported that this app store will have more than 1000 apps in the store having different categories such as tools and utilities, notifications etc. the main highlight of this app store is the presence of ESPN, Foursquare, Yelp and Pandora as the outlets. Presently, Foursquare and Yelp are already active and very soon ESPN and Pandora will join the group.

The features of Pebble are as follows:

  1. Weight is 38 gram.
  2. Dimensions are 52 mm (length) * 36 mm (width) * 11.5 mm(Thickness)
  3. Display is 1.26 inch
  4. LED backlight
  5. Bluetooth
  6. 3D accelerometer
  7. E compass capable
  8. ARM Cortex Processor (80 MHz)
  9. Pebble OS as operating system
  10. 5 ATM water resistance
  11. Relative humidity of 55 to 95%
  12. Maximum altitude of its operating is 3000 m.Image

                                     The Pebble is the apps for everything. You can see your notifications even when your hands are full. It Controls the music without any mess. Check out the fitness. You can download watch faces. It will wake you with silent alarm which only you can feel and the most important thing is it needs charging at the intervals of 5-7 days. So, it’s time  to explore the Pebble app store.