Brewster- App for Communication


Brewster is one of the top 20 best apps for iOS and comes under the category of social networking. The app is wonderful as it changes the look of the contacts we view. In fact it re imagines  iPhone’s address book. It is a beautiful address book app. The app working is based on the theory that it adds all your contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Gmail, twitter and many more and merges it together and sync contacts anywhere(iOS , Android, MAC). The app is enriched with employment, education, social profiles, birthdays, websites and many more. Even it automatically get the latest contact info for contacts. It allows large photos to be added for caller ID.


The features of Brewster are as follows:

1.)  The latest version available in the market is 3.0.5

2.)  The requirements of this app is Android 4.1 and above

3.)  For other platforms it requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

4.)  The latest Update available is of Feb 17, 2014

5.)  The size of this app varies according to the platform in use. Thus it varies from 2.2 MB to 8 MB.

6.)  The app is available in several languages like English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese.


                                            Brewster is just like an assistant which culls through all our online accounts and manages them in a beautiful manner. In fact it is a communication app which tries to help people manage the wide and ever increasing range of names and faces in their various social platforms and keep in touch with them.




Flipboard- Another app for great use

Flipboard, it is one of the most innovative and useful apps available in the market. This app is the integration of social media and news. In fact it is one of the most beautiful magazine apps for Android and tablets. The app is also available for iOS, Windows 8 and Blackberry. The app works in the way that is collects data from several social media platforms and other websites and presents them in a presentable way or may be better termed in a magazine format. The users pick the topics of their choice and then the flipboard starts flipping all the news related to the topic chosen. Thus flipboard filters the unwanted news and presents users only those news with which user is concerned about. Thus it is beneficial to this fast moving world where people don’t have enough time to waste upon useless and unwanted news.


                                       The new advent of flipboard 2.0 in the market even allows users to save the matter for later and thus users are allowed to save all important news so that they can read it in future. The only effort needed from user angle is to tap ‘+’ or ‘plus’ on the news item. Users have the option to choose between high density and low density. Just Choose between more articles or fewer articles on the page and go to Layout Density Options under the three-dot menu or the menu button on your device and pick High, Low or Smart according to your choice.


                                       The main features of this app are as follows:

1.)  The latest update available in the market is of 20th Feb, 2014.

2.)  The size of this app depends on device user is using.

3.)  15 localized editions available are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, U.S. and U.K.

IPhone To-do List Apps


Smartphone technology is what makes our lives more convenient today and iPhone users will surely agree. With all the apps available in the market, work becomes easier as if you have a secretary doing other tasks for you for free. Apps are very helpful tools on your smartphone that make you an efficient employee. Manage work and family time using these apps and life will surely be more interesting and organized. Here are great suggestions for you:


2Do: Priced at $6.99, 2Do is packed with a number of features that will allow you to do multitasking at any one time. Although you may find this app quite confusing, a few days of familiarization will get you used to it. Your contact list syncs with this app as it enables you to assign actions to your important tasks such as emails and calls. 2Do provides other functions such as Twitter integration, alerts, voice recordings and tons of other features that can be customized. Every task works simultaneously in this app. 2Do app on your iPhone is absolutely a winner.

Awesome Note: This App is available at the App Store for a price of $3.99. Awesome Note manages your everyday tasks as Google Docs and Evernote are in sync with this App. Also, you get to view activities in the coming weeks because this app comes in handy with a monthly calendar. By using the Awesome Note every single task you need to do for the day is properly listed according to order of priority.

Clear: Clear is by far the most iOS-specific app under the ‘To-Do’ list category. It is beautifully designed to meet the brilliant multi-touch interface allowing the user to create ‘To-Do’ lists with simple natural pinches. It also lets you manipulate your tasks by using ‘drag’ and ‘swipe’ navigation. Purchase Clear for a very affordable price of $0.99.

Orchestra: Download this app for free and enjoy a number of features that makes your to-do list orderly and well-organized. Orchestra allows you to assign various tasks to other colleagues with a phone number or email address. People in the group using this app can easily check which tasks are on the queue and which tasks are accomplished. The only drawback is its unusual approach to deadlines. Since the app is for free, it doesn’t really hurt to have this app present on your iPhone.

ToodleDo: Buy this app at the App Store for a price of $2.99. This app displays a very simple platform of enabling the user to add new tasks on the to-do list easily. You organize each folder by arranging your tasks according to most important to least important. The only pitfall in this app is its complicated priority system. Nevertheless, the app can still be a helpful tool in managing your daily schedules, appointments and immediate duties. These include work-related and family-related errands.

Wunderkinder: Wunderkinder can be downloaded for free. If you want to make your to-do list cool and interesting, then the Wunderlist is great app for you. This stylish app syncs accordingly with clients and on PCs and Macs. Emergency tasks are given highest priority on the list while other important tasks are starred for quick and easy access. What makes the Wunderlist trendy is its ability to display task items in several ways.

There are actually tons of to-do list apps that can be purchased for free or with a minimal amount at the App Store. Whether you are on a business trip, playing golf with your boss, conducting a meeting or participating in a conference, you will never lose track of your scheduled tasks because iPhone Apps are there to keep every detail of your life synchronized and well-coordinated.

WhatsApp Bought by Facebook


Facebook recently bought WhatsApp. The price stands for $19 billion. After Facebook acquired Instagram, it bought another rival to remove all obstacles to be at No.1. But the price it paid is considered too high. It shows Facebook purchase of whats app was quite in panic condition and not a planned and well thought process.


Instagram and WhatsApp were the two main rivals which had some potential to pip Facebook. Instagram, the apps which provides the facility of applying filters to the pics and are a true boon to the new photographer or the people who don’t know photography was bought by Facebook in 2012. The cost Facebook paid to buy Instagram was $1 billion.

Now, WhatsApp is the latest acquisition of Facebook. The apps which were focused photo sharing; file sharing etc has the option of connecting to friends and thus had all the features which Facebook do posses. It is the report which says that people preferred to have WhatsApp over Facebook app. The mobile users highly prefer WhatsApp over Facebook apps. Thus it raised an alarm in facebook and they panicky bought it.


Thus Facebook gave away $20 billion dollar to acquire both of its rivals. Now they are in total control of mobile. But is it justified paying such a huge amount to buy them. Why could Facebook not have developed a rival app to counter those? Only Facebook knows. But what have they done now is that with the buying of these apps they have completely removed rivals from the field and now they are in full control and won the race.

Android Apps in Windows Store!!!!!


Android Apps in Windows Store!! Yes, you read correct. Latest reports from various sources are suggesting that windows are considering providing Android Apps in windows store. The reports say, Intel are pushing Microsoft to provide android apps in its windows store. It has already been known to all that Microsoft is considering android apps to all windows phone and windows.


                                           The incoming reports say Android in mobile is equivalent to Windows on PCs. The Intel has already performed its operation of running both Android and Windows on same platform, thus making phones Dual OS. Many software companies too are running its development programs to allow both OS to run on same device. It is to be noticed that Windows are lagging behind in the market in comparison to Android and iOS and opting to run both OS will prove there loss of war against android. Some reports even say BlueStacks has been enabling Android apps to run on Windows for a few years now, and it has signed deals with Lenovo and Asus to ship its software on their PCs.


                                          It is to be seen in coming days how Microsoft implements android apps on windows as lots of issues come up in compatibility. The main issue to address before adopting both operating systems on same device is to solve the compatibility issues. Another big issue will be the trust of consumers and developers which will get negative towards Windows phone platform. Developers are now keen on android and iOS and no longer trust Windows. What lies in the future is still not confirmed but its confirm that Windows have to do something big and have to take some tough decisions ahead if they have to stay in the market of Phone.

Groopic-The app for Group Pictures and Friendship


Groopic is the new age apps especially developed keeping in mind the problems faced in old age. The problem in old age was whenever a group in on tour and photos of groups were being taken, the photographer went missing. The reason was simple. The person who clicks the pic with some adjustable conditions can’t keep himself in pic. But now with the advent of an app named as ‘Groopic’, the problem is solved. Groopic solves this problem by including the photographer friend in every group photo. Now there is no need of Tripod or any stranger to click the pics. The process is quite simple. Take two pics, mark the photographers and the magic is done.


                                                                     This app works on both ipad and iphone. The app is a revolution for the photographers. The features of this app ‘Groopic’ are as follows:

1.)   The latest version available in the market is 2.1

2.)   The size of the app is around 25 MB.

3.)   The languages available or supported are English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Swedish.

4.)   The platforms available are iOS 6.0 or later and Android 4.0 and up. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


                                                            This app allows taking one picture of the group and then switching photographers and taking another. The app then mixes both the images into a single group photo without even asking a stranger to take a group shot of friends. To start with take your first picture, with your second photographer in the photo on one of the sides. Then the second photographer leaves the group to stand in the same location and lines up the photo with an onscreen ghost outline while you get in on the other side of the photo. Once shots are taken, the app asks to touch each of the photographers on the screen so it can make the complete group pic. The resulting image is a photo of the whole group that looks completely natural and single one. The Only thing to remember is that the first photographer has to leave room on the sides for both photographers to get into single shot.

Pebble – iPhone and Android Smartwatch


The app store named as pebble has been launched for smart watches. The app store is now live for iOS and very soon to be launched in Android. It is to inform to all of you that Pebble is the customizable watch for iOS and android which is in fact the combination of iOS and android Apps, remote controls, workout stats, Notifications, open SDK and watch faces. The Pebble smart watch was released for the first time in 2013 by Pebble Technology via crowd funding platform Kick starter.


                                          It is being reported that this app store will have more than 1000 apps in the store having different categories such as tools and utilities, notifications etc. the main highlight of this app store is the presence of ESPN, Foursquare, Yelp and Pandora as the outlets. Presently, Foursquare and Yelp are already active and very soon ESPN and Pandora will join the group.

The features of Pebble are as follows:

  1. Weight is 38 gram.
  2. Dimensions are 52 mm (length) * 36 mm (width) * 11.5 mm(Thickness)
  3. Display is 1.26 inch
  4. LED backlight
  5. Bluetooth
  6. 3D accelerometer
  7. E compass capable
  8. ARM Cortex Processor (80 MHz)
  9. Pebble OS as operating system
  10. 5 ATM water resistance
  11. Relative humidity of 55 to 95%
  12. Maximum altitude of its operating is 3000 m.Image

                                     The Pebble is the apps for everything. You can see your notifications even when your hands are full. It Controls the music without any mess. Check out the fitness. You can download watch faces. It will wake you with silent alarm which only you can feel and the most important thing is it needs charging at the intervals of 5-7 days. So, it’s time  to explore the Pebble app store.