Impact of technology on children


Today people are more focussed on living a life in their house. There were days when children used to play in the field but now since the upgrade of technology and the reach of people to them has confined them to their living rooms .The access of technology to all the people have hearted socialist nature of human beings. Children now prefer to play games on playstation or computers. Technology has altered the lifestyle of children to a great extent. This has both the good as well as bad effects on children.


The good effects are :

Reading : The technology has enabled children to read various details related to their curriculum. They can even grasp lots of knowledge about the world and can can gain bigger insight. Connection with the world: Trough the technology children can connect with the world and can get knowledge about the people living in the rest of the world. They can interact with them and can get the benefits of globalization.

Educational opportunities: The children can get a lot of educational details through the exploration of internet. They can get knowledge of the best educational institutes available their location their criteria and all other details. Through proper surfing of the internet they can gain a huge collection of educational knowledges which would help to improve the future aspects of children.

The bad effects are:

Isolation: children often get isolated due to engage in the games or net surfing. They get isolated in their rooms and get aloof from the outside world. Exposure to unwanted content and sites: Internet is a source of unwanted contents and sites which should not be viewed by children. Such exposure can move children to wrong path and they can deviate from their goals.

Heavy screen time: use of technology causes the heavy screen time for children which can cause headache and even a child can get frustrated often. Graphic violence: The introduction of various games which are heavy laden with blood shedding and weapons etc. tends to deviate the minds of young kids towards violence.

Laziness: Because of the lack of physical activity, children tend to become lazy and usually try to avoid many works related to life.

    Obesity: It has been said that spending more and more time informant of the screen and usually at night, children tend to grow weight and because of the lack of physical exercise they gain weight. Family life: Due to involvement in technology and its use children more often tends to cut themselves off from their family life and like to remain alone and use their devices.

Thus we can say that at some point technology helps a lot to gain new knowledge and upgrade ourselves but plays a great role towards negativity. It creates some negative aspects which may prove long-term side effects.