Online Marketing


          The first and foremost question which arises in our mind when we hear the word “Online Marketing” is “What is Online Marketing”?


Online Marketing is the way to promote business through the use of internet.It refers to the method of advertising and marketing the product or business through the use of internet and email to promote sales and establish a brand in the market .The field of Online Marketing began in 1994 when Hotwired sold its first banner ads to several advertisers.


The methods involving the use of internet marketing are web marketing, email marketing and social media marketing.

  1. Webmarketing is the process which involves the use of E-Commerce websites and other informative websites , placing ads on various search engines and optimize the results of our business or brand at various SERP. The various search engines may include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Ask etc. Webmarketing is the vast field of marketing and all types of marketing over internet may be broadly classified as Webmarketing.
  2. Email marketing is the process of sending promotional emails to promote our brands.

  3. Social media marketing is the use of various social media websites to promote our brands.These social media websites may be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, AOL. Among these Youtube and AOL are the video sharing sites. These social media are those websites at which users share their ideas , Knowledge,information among various people around the globe.These social media sharing may include various methods like blog sharing, video sharing, photo sharing, link sharing, music sharing, message sharing .Nowadays you can find social media sharing buttons on almost all posts which is the denotion that a person is connected to the entire world and is sharing their ideas to the connected people.

There are three ways in which online advertising may be bought and these methods are:

CPM(Cost per Mille): This is the pay for exposure of brands to a particular targetted audience through advertisers.

CPC(Cost per Click):This is the cost when advertisers pay each time a user clicks on the ads.

CPA(Cost per Action):This is the most riskiest among all and the publisher takes the whole risk of running ads and the advertisers pay only for those users who complete the transaction process.

There are several more methods involved in internet marketing such as referral marketing, native marketing and content marketing.Today’s world and its globalisation has enabled to share information and content to the whole world immediately within few seconds. Now there is no barrier for a business and they can be expanded to the whole world through the use of Internet Marketing.

                                                                                   Internet Marketing Apps

The approach which a marketer should use are :

One to One approach: In such approaches a marketer targets a particular use or client and such target is determined by the keyword the user enters in a search engine while browsing internet.

Appeal to a specific interests: Such interests are for a particular audience , age group , etc.

Niche Marketing: In niche marketing field , marketer targets a particular interest and promotes business to a client with a specific motive and area of interest.

Geo Targeting: Geo targeting is the process of promotion of business in a particular country ,region or city.

Thus we can say that the field of internet marketing has ever increased and is on the rise and such field is always on the rise.