Dropbox  is a file hosting service headed by Dropbox sevice inc. The headquarters of Dropbox is located at San Francisco , California. Dropbox enable users to create a folder on each of their computers , which Dropbox then synchronizes such that it appears to be the same folder and having the same contents  irrespective of which computer is being used to view it. The files stored in a folder can be accessed from a website or through mobile phone apps. Thus put your files in folder and access them from anywhere like from websites, phones or computers.


Dropbox for Business

Dropbox is extremely useful for business as it is a free+premium model based where users are allowed a definite storage size in free model. Using premium accounts more storage capacity is allowed .The maximum size allowed is 10GB .The desktop client has no restriction on file size. Dropbox includes the content of shared folders when totaling the amount of space used on the account, thus preventing free users to create multiple free linked accounts. Dropbox includes unlimited version history, thus enabling tracking of changes and recovery of work. There are lots of additional feature associated with Dropbox which provide highly helpful features such as:

1)      Remote wiping: This feature enables us to remotely delete the folder if someone leaves the business or if computer is lost, thus keeping our data secure.

2)      Encryption at rest and in transit: Files are stores using 256 bit AES encryption and SSL creates a secure tunnel for data transfers.

3)      Reliability: Storage is designed for 99.99999999% durability.

4)      Certifications and compliance: Dropbox’s storage is SSAE16/SOC1, SOC2, ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001 certified on Amazon S3 and may provide data mirroring across other secure data centers.

5)      Privacy: It is designed such that date remains safe and there is no disclosure of data.

6)      Two-step verification: There is an additional layer of security as account is associated with password and phone.


Dropbox is one of the best apps which was initially release in 2008.The website of Dropbox is www.dropbox.com .the operating system on which Dropbox can run are windows , Mac OS X 10.4 and later , symbian , android , IOS , Linux ,Blackberry OS .