Flipboard- Another app for great use

Flipboard, it is one of the most innovative and useful apps available in the market. This app is the integration of social media and news. In fact it is one of the most beautiful magazine apps for Android and tablets. The app is also available for iOS, Windows 8 and Blackberry. The app works in the way that is collects data from several social media platforms and other websites and presents them in a presentable way or may be better termed in a magazine format. The users pick the topics of their choice and then the flipboard starts flipping all the news related to the topic chosen. Thus flipboard filters the unwanted news and presents users only those news with which user is concerned about. Thus it is beneficial to this fast moving world where people don’t have enough time to waste upon useless and unwanted news.


                                       The new advent of flipboard 2.0 in the market even allows users to save the matter for later and thus users are allowed to save all important news so that they can read it in future. The only effort needed from user angle is to tap ‘+’ or ‘plus’ on the news item. Users have the option to choose between high density and low density. Just Choose between more articles or fewer articles on the page and go to Layout Density Options under the three-dot menu or the menu button on your device and pick High, Low or Smart according to your choice.


                                       The main features of this app are as follows:

1.)  The latest update available in the market is of 20th Feb, 2014.

2.)  The size of this app depends on device user is using.

3.)  15 localized editions available are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, U.S. and U.K.