Google Hangouts


Google hangouts is another app which is in great demand today.Google hangout is an instant messaging service and video chat platform introduced by Google on may 15 2013 Google introduced some of the features and capabilities of Google voice into hangouts. The platform for Google hangouts are Google chrome extension, android and ios.


Hangout allows users to hold conversations between two or more users. Hangout service can be accessed through online through the use of Google+ or Gmail or through mobile apps available for android and ios . This app can not only send instant messages to other Google users, but at the same time  it also do video chatting which can be done free of cost. Now group conversations are much better than ever and we can send photos or emjoi and can see when users are involved in hangouts and even can send message to users when they are not online. Hangouts can connect upto 10 members at a time. Friends will receive your video call invitations no matter what device they’re using at the moment. Through the use of Google hangouts , Make video calls from your computer more memorable and entertaining by adding fun visual and sound effects. The new Google Hangouts app on iOS integrates a Google Voice number to some extent, but on Android the SMS support in Hangouts doesn’t fully integrate with Google Voice for calls or texts. The integration will not arrive until 2014. The reason for the delay appears tied into Google switching away from the XMPP protocol it used.


Goggle hangouts has been criticized by several users for not displaying online status . Online status is a status which is the part and partial of any chatting applications which is not available in hangouts thus bringing in lots of criticism.Even it has been reported that Google Hangouts orphans periods and also tends to make their particular account look closed throughout, even with they’ve got logged from almost all Google Hangouts consumers.It has been found that  Google  Hangouts orphans classes and also can make the account glimpse signed throughout, despite they’ve logged from Google Hangouts buyers. That is a annoy that Google  hasn’t been able to resolve due to the fact May possibly 2013. That happens while customers uninstall Google  Hangouts devoid of first affixing your signature to from that will application.  Although rumoured to help just become a issue pertaining to thirty days, the orphaned session really continues to remain a problem consistently and also is not terminated.  That annoy can make customers look online to help other folks even when they may be not necessarily. On top of that, providing this orphaned session remains, customers can not explicitly arranged the account to help hidden or not online.