IPhone To-do List Apps


Smartphone technology is what makes our lives more convenient today and iPhone users will surely agree. With all the apps available in the market, work becomes easier as if you have a secretary doing other tasks for you for free. Apps are very helpful tools on your smartphone that make you an efficient employee. Manage work and family time using these apps and life will surely be more interesting and organized. Here are great suggestions for you:


2Do: Priced at $6.99, 2Do is packed with a number of features that will allow you to do multitasking at any one time. Although you may find this app quite confusing, a few days of familiarization will get you used to it. Your contact list syncs with this app as it enables you to assign actions to your important tasks such as emails and calls. 2Do provides other functions such as Twitter integration, alerts, voice recordings and tons of other features that can be customized. Every task works simultaneously in this app. 2Do app on your iPhone is absolutely a winner.

Awesome Note: This App is available at the App Store for a price of $3.99. Awesome Note manages your everyday tasks as Google Docs and Evernote are in sync with this App. Also, you get to view activities in the coming weeks because this app comes in handy with a monthly calendar. By using the Awesome Note every single task you need to do for the day is properly listed according to order of priority.

Clear: Clear is by far the most iOS-specific app under the ‘To-Do’ list category. It is beautifully designed to meet the brilliant multi-touch interface allowing the user to create ‘To-Do’ lists with simple natural pinches. It also lets you manipulate your tasks by using ‘drag’ and ‘swipe’ navigation. Purchase Clear for a very affordable price of $0.99.

Orchestra: Download this app for free and enjoy a number of features that makes your to-do list orderly and well-organized. Orchestra allows you to assign various tasks to other colleagues with a phone number or email address. People in the group using this app can easily check which tasks are on the queue and which tasks are accomplished. The only drawback is its unusual approach to deadlines. Since the app is for free, it doesn’t really hurt to have this app present on your iPhone.

ToodleDo: Buy this app at the App Store for a price of $2.99. This app displays a very simple platform of enabling the user to add new tasks on the to-do list easily. You organize each folder by arranging your tasks according to most important to least important. The only pitfall in this app is its complicated priority system. Nevertheless, the app can still be a helpful tool in managing your daily schedules, appointments and immediate duties. These include work-related and family-related errands.

Wunderkinder: Wunderkinder can be downloaded for free. If you want to make your to-do list cool and interesting, then the Wunderlist is great app for you. This stylish app syncs accordingly with clients and on PCs and Macs. Emergency tasks are given highest priority on the list while other important tasks are starred for quick and easy access. What makes the Wunderlist trendy is its ability to display task items in several ways.

There are actually tons of to-do list apps that can be purchased for free or with a minimal amount at the App Store. Whether you are on a business trip, playing golf with your boss, conducting a meeting or participating in a conference, you will never lose track of your scheduled tasks because iPhone Apps are there to keep every detail of your life synchronized and well-coordinated.