Mobogenie is the best Android phone manager. It is the place where thousands of android free apps and games can be downloaded and that even without the cost of mobile data. It is the software which keeps phone data’s safe and keep a backup of data. Mobogenie transfers the data from phone to PC and vice versa at a single click. The software can even browse best websites for videos, music and pics and can download them in a single click. The software even can send sms at a single click to lots of friends at a single time and keeps data of all sent. The app ‘My talking tom’ is available on Mobogenie. It is not just a talking cat but it is where it can be fed, put to sleep and raise your very own virtual pet! This app is available only on Mobogenie. Mobogenie even helps managing contacts and edit them very easily.


                                                     The Technical specifications of this app are:

  • It is a 20 MB app.
  • The latest version available in the market is 2.1.37 which was made available on 9th Jan 2014.
  • The compatible platform for this app is Windows 8/7/XP/2003/Vista.

                                      With the latest version, the faster and even more optimized connection process is available. Now, there are notifications available on the latest version. It is the best android app available today in the market and very android phone user must have this on their PC.




Dropbox  is a file hosting service headed by Dropbox sevice inc. The headquarters of Dropbox is located at San Francisco , California. Dropbox enable users to create a folder on each of their computers , which Dropbox then synchronizes such that it appears to be the same folder and having the same contents  irrespective of which computer is being used to view it. The files stored in a folder can be accessed from a website or through mobile phone apps. Thus put your files in folder and access them from anywhere like from websites, phones or computers.


Dropbox for Business

Dropbox is extremely useful for business as it is a free+premium model based where users are allowed a definite storage size in free model. Using premium accounts more storage capacity is allowed .The maximum size allowed is 10GB .The desktop client has no restriction on file size. Dropbox includes the content of shared folders when totaling the amount of space used on the account, thus preventing free users to create multiple free linked accounts. Dropbox includes unlimited version history, thus enabling tracking of changes and recovery of work. There are lots of additional feature associated with Dropbox which provide highly helpful features such as:

1)      Remote wiping: This feature enables us to remotely delete the folder if someone leaves the business or if computer is lost, thus keeping our data secure.

2)      Encryption at rest and in transit: Files are stores using 256 bit AES encryption and SSL creates a secure tunnel for data transfers.

3)      Reliability: Storage is designed for 99.99999999% durability.

4)      Certifications and compliance: Dropbox’s storage is SSAE16/SOC1, SOC2, ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001 certified on Amazon S3 and may provide data mirroring across other secure data centers.

5)      Privacy: It is designed such that date remains safe and there is no disclosure of data.

6)      Two-step verification: There is an additional layer of security as account is associated with password and phone.


Dropbox is one of the best apps which was initially release in 2008.The website of Dropbox is .the operating system on which Dropbox can run are windows , Mac OS X 10.4 and later , symbian , android , IOS , Linux ,Blackberry OS .



Zagat is a business based on a simple premise that opinions of customers with real experiences are far much better than those unfiltered comments of a few.


Zagat was launched in 1979 and since then it has worked to help users find the best places in the world ranging from unknown noddle shops to the most famous restaurants across the world. It is the most trusted and accurate source of discovering of the best places to eat and drink.Over the years, Zagat has won applause all over the world . The Associated Press has called Zagat “the world’s most influential travel and food guides,” and The New York Times: “a necessity second only to a valid credit card.”

In September 2011, Google acquired this service. Google picked the famous site with the view to collabrate the power of Google search and Google maps and Zagat’s products and users and bring a innovation trust and wealth of experience to users. Google integrated Zagat into Google+in May 2012 via the Google+ Local app .Since then the first major update to this website and accompanying it with mobile apps has been done recently. The most important thing in this upgrade is that now Zagat content is available to all users free with no registration required. According to group product manager Gannon Hall “ the new Zagat features news and videos from local editors , as well as curated lists , powerful search and map based browsing”.


Google has tried to absorb Zagat scores into Google Maps and local search results. But still we know that without Zagat brand these scores are of no importance or less importance. In this new app we can search for places but search is indeed largely de-emphasized. Discovery and “curated” content are front and center:’best of’ lists and editorial roundups are the star.Google hopes this new app will compete better with Yelp which is holding advantage over Google maps because of its content depth.


In advance of its expansion, the company will soon make existing ratings and reviews available on Last week, however, Google said the iOS version of G+ Local would retire on Aug. 7 since all of the app’s features have since been incorporated into Google Maps.The updated Zagat mobile app is available now for free download in the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes Store.

Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 is an outstanding sky high mountain temple running game , having a large demonic skulled face gorilla to outrun. Now the running path is no longer straight , there will be dips , rises and bends mixed in along with normal obstacles. Temple Run 2 is an upgraded version of temple Run which has been a very popular apps for today’s phone. It has redefined mobile gaming .

Temple Run 2

The release dates of Temple Run for ios was 16th Jan , 2013 while it was launched on 24th Jan, 2013 for Android. The release of temple Run on Windows is still to be done. This is a single player game and have almost the same features and controls.New obstacles like sharper turns ,waterfalls , ziplines ,mine tracks , and flames of fire offer a new challenge for users.There are four characters to select from and have new power-ups.Players now can save themselves from death by collecting(during run) and using green gems which can also be bought.In previous version of Temple Run there were three monkeys which are now replaced by a single bigger monkey or gorilla named as Chuchanck.


The game was in development stage since March 2012 and was announced on Jan 16 , 2013 as a surprise .The game was launched in New Zealand and hours later in the whole world.Gamezebo gave this game “4 stars” and quoted it as similar but better than Temple Run.Metacritic gave this apps ratings of 79% based on users responses.




Windows phone(Upcoming)

The updated version available in the market is 1.2.1 , being updated on June 25, 2013.The minimum configuration required is Android 2.1 and above.The size of this game is almost 30 MB.

Enjoy your free Run! 

Canvas 4 A210


Canvas 4

Canvas 4 is the latest phone to be launched by Micromax. The official unveiling of this phone is on 16th July and it has been announced byMicromax that those customers who advance book the phone before 7th Julywill have the chance to be present at the official unveiling ceremony of the phone. There will be ten lucky customers who will be offered this opportunity to be there at the ceremony and will get their phone at the launch.Canvas 4 is the latest phone to be launched by Micromax.The official unveiling of this phone is on 7th July and it has been announced by Micromax that those customers who advance book the phone before 7th July will have the chance to be present at the official unveiling ceremony of the phone.There will be ten lucky customers who will be offered this opportunity to be there at the ceremony and will get their phone at the launch.The advanced booking of this phone can be made by depositing Rs. 5000 ahead and the rest amount can be paid in installments after the launch of the phone , disclosure of phone details and its configuration within 7 days. The highlight is that Micromax still hasn’t officially announced the configurationsof the phone but the teasers launched on the official YouTube platform by Micromax user has made it in notices that the phone may have 13 MP Camera.It is being claimed that the phone may have the price tag of around Rs. 17000 .The tagline “Can life be endless”denotes that battery life may be very strong.It is also being claimed that the phone will run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will have an eight core processor. The detailed configurations of the pain may be:


Company/Brand > Micromax

Type > Dual Sim Smartphone

OS > Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Price > Rs. 17000

Announced > June 2013

Released > TBA July 8th 2013

Hype > 5/5

Chipset > Mediatek 6589

Processor > 1.2 GHz Quad-Core

GPU > Power VR SGX

RAM > 2 GB

Battery > 2500 mAh or more

Primary Camera > 13 MP

Secondary Camera > 5 MP

Weight > 182 g

Main Display > 5 inch Display

In-Built Storage > 8 GB

Special Features > Blow to Unlock

The 5 inch 1280 x 720 p display indicates that the phone will be at-least 144 mm high (5.67 inches ) and 76 mm wide (2.87 inches).

Thus Canvas 4 has created much hype in the market and people are ready to buy it as the phone previews showing great promise. 

Impact of technology on children


Today people are more focussed on living a life in their house. There were days when children used to play in the field but now since the upgrade of technology and the reach of people to them has confined them to their living rooms .The access of technology to all the people have hearted socialist nature of human beings. Children now prefer to play games on playstation or computers. Technology has altered the lifestyle of children to a great extent. This has both the good as well as bad effects on children.


The good effects are :

Reading : The technology has enabled children to read various details related to their curriculum. They can even grasp lots of knowledge about the world and can can gain bigger insight. Connection with the world: Trough the technology children can connect with the world and can get knowledge about the people living in the rest of the world. They can interact with them and can get the benefits of globalization.

Educational opportunities: The children can get a lot of educational details through the exploration of internet. They can get knowledge of the best educational institutes available their location their criteria and all other details. Through proper surfing of the internet they can gain a huge collection of educational knowledges which would help to improve the future aspects of children.

The bad effects are:

Isolation: children often get isolated due to engage in the games or net surfing. They get isolated in their rooms and get aloof from the outside world. Exposure to unwanted content and sites: Internet is a source of unwanted contents and sites which should not be viewed by children. Such exposure can move children to wrong path and they can deviate from their goals.

Heavy screen time: use of technology causes the heavy screen time for children which can cause headache and even a child can get frustrated often. Graphic violence: The introduction of various games which are heavy laden with blood shedding and weapons etc. tends to deviate the minds of young kids towards violence.

Laziness: Because of the lack of physical activity, children tend to become lazy and usually try to avoid many works related to life.

    Obesity: It has been said that spending more and more time informant of the screen and usually at night, children tend to grow weight and because of the lack of physical exercise they gain weight. Family life: Due to involvement in technology and its use children more often tends to cut themselves off from their family life and like to remain alone and use their devices.

Thus we can say that at some point technology helps a lot to gain new knowledge and upgrade ourselves but plays a great role towards negativity. It creates some negative aspects which may prove long-term side effects.