Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 is an outstanding sky high mountain temple running game , having a large demonic skulled face gorilla to outrun. Now the running path is no longer straight , there will be dips , rises and bends mixed in along with normal obstacles. Temple Run 2 is an upgraded version of temple Run which has been a very popular apps for today’s phone. It has redefined mobile gaming .

Temple Run 2

The release dates of Temple Run for ios was 16th Jan , 2013 while it was launched on 24th Jan, 2013 for Android. The release of temple Run on Windows is still to be done. This is a single player game and have almost the same features and controls.New obstacles like sharper turns ,waterfalls , ziplines ,mine tracks , and flames of fire offer a new challenge for users.There are four characters to select from and have new power-ups.Players now can save themselves from death by collecting(during run) and using green gems which can also be bought.In previous version of Temple Run there were three monkeys which are now replaced by a single bigger monkey or gorilla named as Chuchanck.


The game was in development stage since March 2012 and was announced on Jan 16 , 2013 as a surprise .The game was launched in New Zealand and hours later in the whole world.Gamezebo gave this game “4 stars” and quoted it as similar but better than Temple Run.Metacritic gave this apps ratings of 79% based on users responses.




Windows phone(Upcoming)

The updated version available in the market is 1.2.1 , being updated on June 25, 2013.The minimum configuration required is Android 2.1 and above.The size of this game is almost 30 MB.

Enjoy your free Run!