UFO Related Movies


The top 11 UFO related Movies(Not Rankwise) are:


Signs (2002): The American film was released in 2002 and was directed by M. Night Shyamalan.The movie features Mel Gibson Joaquin Phoenix Rory Culkin Abigail Breslin.The budget of the movie $72 million and the overall gross revenue is $408,247,917. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 74% gave positive appraisals, based on 225 reviews, ranking it “Certified Fresh”.


Close Encounters of the third Kind (1977): The movie released in 1977 directed by Steven Spielberg and features actors Richard Dreyfuss, François Truffaut, Melinda Dillon, Teri Garr, Bob Balaban, and Cary Guffey.It was produced with a budget of $20 million and collected $337,700,000. Among 41 reviews from rotten tomatoes, 39 reviews were positive thus resulting in 95%.


Independence Day (1996): An American film released in 1996 is directed by Roland Emmerich.The movie features Will smith in lead role.Other actors include Jeff GoldblumMargaret ColinVivica A. FoxMary McDonnellJudd HirschRobert LoggiaBill PullmanVivica A. FoxMary McDonnellJudd HirschRobert LoggiaRandy QuaidJames RebhornHarry Connick, JrMargaret Colin.The total expenditure on the movie was around $75 million and it succeeded in gathering $817,400,891.The rotten tomatoes rated this movie 61% based on 56 critical reviews and was regarded as a fresh movie .


War of the Worlds (2005): The Movie released in 2005 featuring Tom cruise in the lead role is a science fiction movie.The other actors were Dakota Fanning Justin Chatwin Miranda OttoTim Robbins.The movie was directed by Steven Spielberg.The movie was made with a whopping budget of $132 million and collected around $704,745,540.The movie gained positive critical consensus.Rotten Tomatoes,War of the Worlds currently garners a 74% “fresh” rating based on 250 reviews.


Sphere (1998): It is a 1998 film by Barry Levinson.The movie features Dustin Hoffman,Sharon Stone, and Samuel L. Jackson.The film was made on a budget of $80 million and was able to make a collection of $37,020,277.The movie was not such effective in the eyes of critics and was able to collect just 12% on 50 reviews from rotten tomatoes .


X-Files-Fight the Future (1998): An American movie based on the concept of science/fiction.The film was directed by Rob Bowman.It is the first feature film based on The X-Files series created by Carter that revolves around fictional unsolved cases called the X-Filesand the characters solving them.The movie stars David Duchovny Gillian Anderson Martin Landau Mitch Pileggi William B. Davis Blythe Danner John Neville Armin Mueller-Stahl.


Fire in the sky (1993): A movie of 1993 based on alleged extraterrestrial encounter was directed by Robert Lieberman. The movie stars Robert Patrick , Mike Rogers, and D. B. Sweeney a. James Garner, Craig Sheffer, Scott MacDonald, Henry Thomas, and Peter Berg.With the budget of $15,000,000 it was able to collect $19,885,552.This movie came into the lists of favourites among science movie fans despite mixed critical reviews.


The Thing (2011):The movie was released in 2011.It was a science fiction horror movie.The movie features Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Joel Edgerton,Ulrich Thomsen,Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbajeand Eric Christian Olsen.The director of this movie was Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.The movie was build with the budget of $38 million and was able to collect $27,428,670.The thing received mixed responses.Based on 149 reviews through rotten tomatoes, it was able to gather 36%.


The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008): The movie was released in 2008 a remake of 1951 movie of the same name.The movie features Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Jaden Smith, Kathy Bates , Jon Hamm, John Cleese , Kyle Chandler.The movie was directed by Scott Derrickson.The movie was made on the budget of $80 million and was able to gather $233,093,859.The film was not able not collect positive reviews form critics and with 186 reviews collected by rotten tomatoes , only 21% of the reviews were positive.However the film was heavily laden with special effects but fail on the grounds of its storyline.


Extraterrestrial(1982):The movie was released in 1982 and directed by Steven Spielberg which includes Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace, Robert MacNaughton, Drew Barrymore, and Peter Coyote.The movie with a budget of $10.5 million , gathered around $792,910,554.the movie was exceptional in the eyes of critics and rotten tomatoes gave 92 fresh reviews in 94 reviews.


The fourth kind(2009): It is 2009 movie directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi.The film features Milla Jovovich,Charlotte Milchard, Elias Koteas, Corey Johnson, Will Patton, and Mia McKenna-Bruce.The movie was made with the budget of $10 million and was able to collect $47,709,193.The Fourth Kind was panned by critics, garnering a 19% rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.


Latest UFOs sightings of May


Today I am sharing some of the latest ufo sightings which happen over some months mostly in may 2013.

Hovering UFO orbs over Ferreira, Portugal on 12th May 2013

A incident reported on 12th may 2013 from portugal where video footage of two UFOs hovering over Ferriera,Portugal found.

Mass UFO sighting over Christchurch, New Zealand on 12th May 2013

New interesting UFO sightings story of mass UFOs hovering in the night sky over Christchurch, New Zealand on 12th May 2013.

Witness said:

The release of “wish lanterns” at a birthday celebration for a Christchurch cancer sufferer may explain “strange” lights seen in the skies last night. The lanterns were released in Fendalton at a gathering for Danelle Wakefield. Wakefield has been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma cancer, which is a rare cancer normally found in children, and not adults. Despite aggressive chemotherapy on a tumour in her shoulder, Wakefield has been told she has between two months and two years to live.

Katie Ferguson, of Bishopdale, and her flatmate also saw the lights.

He saw 12 lights [and] yelled out. I raced out to look and I could see six orange lights hovering in the same place.

They were in two groups of three, then they distanced themselves from another and moved rapidly away, the cloud soon covered them but we were standing outside for a good two minutes trying to work out what we were seeing,” she said.

Nathan Hanna said the lights appeared to travel northwards direction, against the easterly breeze. One even appeared to move independently in an opposite direction at one point.

I can’t say what the UFOs were, but can safely say they weren’t lanterns,” he said.

Startling Photos of a UFO over Copiapó, Chile on 30th April 2013

New interesting UFO photos of an UFO or orb while hovering in the daytime sky above Copiapó, Chile on 30th April 2013.

Witness said:

Startling photos of an alleged UFO over a mining operation in Copiapó were published recently. These are photos taken last Tuesday afternoon (30 April 2013) by heavy equipment operators. The workers were carrying out dismantling operations in the Cerro Negro works of the CAP company, only a few kilometers distant from the Atacama Region, when they noticed the unidentified flying object.



Alien Spaceship Actually Found on Google Street View?


An alien spaceship has been spotted in northern Spain, and we have the proof! Well, not so fast. Yes, something VERY interesting has been found by Google’s Street View camera, but before we get too carried away, let’s take a few moments and actually try to figure out what else it could be.


Publishing UFO sightings on the internet can be a risky business, especially when using the fuzzy eye of the street view car to find them. Most “UFOs” are easily explained away as things like low flying airplanes, big balloons, or passing birds. In this case however, it’s not very easy to fit this object into one of these categories. So what could it possibly be?


GSS reader Jose sent us a sequence of four street view photos that seem to show something in the sky on the north side of the Autovia del Cantabrico in Spain. Considering this is a highway, and the street view car was presumably moving quite quickly, the fact that we only see this object in 4 frames indicates that it was either moving very fast in the opposite direction, or alternatively barely moving at all.

ufo02a-150x112-atrb                  ufo02a-150x112-atrb

So what could it be?

Well, if Marvin the Martian was speeding his way up the Spanish coast, then this is definitely what it would look like. The object appears to be out over the beach, away from the road and camera, and the speeds needed to actually pull off a low-pass like this would easily be faster than a military jet. So fast perhaps that most people on the ground wouldn’t have seen it speed by.If we’re being confused by the lack of depth in the images, it could perhaps then be an insect. Considering most bugs are not very big at all, the street view car would never see it unless it was right next to it. If we assume that such a bug would be moving comparatively slowly compared to the car then it would seem highly unlikely that it would have appeared in so many different frames as the car sped past.Well how about a low-flying airplane then? Possibly, but taking a look at the surrounding scenery there are’t any airports to support the theory of a departing or arriving aircraft. Maybe it was someone out for a joyride but once again, it’s moving so fast!

So what does this flying object actually look like? Well, it has all the characteristics of a classic UFO! It’s metallic looking, saucer shaped, moving very quickly, and doesn’t really look like either an insect or an airplane.

While I’m not quite claiming that Katy Perry is about to descend from the stars in a duet with a bug-eyed ET wannabe, but I do think it’s very interesting, and one of most intriguing finds I’ve seen in a long time. Many thanks to GSS reader Jose for sending it in!So let’s hear it, what do you think it is?

I found this article while browsing internet and would like to thank  who is the original author of this Blog.If you want to Read it more systematically then go to : http://googlesightseeing.com/2011/05/alien-spaceship-actually-found-on-google-street-view/

Authority of UFOs


It has been a long history of ufo sightings but what if credible people sees incredible things. How can government and other agencies overlook them.William Moore, the first investigator to document the Roswell UFO crash, maintains a controversial association with Air Force intelligence officers who claim to be cover-up insiders.Former CIA operative Victor Marchetti , coauthor of the best-selling The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence (1974), thinks the U.S. government maintains secret contacts with extraterrestrials. He bases his suspicion — he admits he cannot prove it — on stories he heard while working at “high levels of the CIA.” These tales alleged that the National Security Agency (NSA), which collects electronic intelligence, had received “strange signals,” said by intelligence sources to be of extraterrestrial origin.Marchetti could learn nothing about the content of these communications, which had a level of secrecy that was extraordinary even by the standards of the supersecret NSA. In the 1980s UFO investigators William Moore and Jaime Shandera heard comparable tales from Air Force intelligence sources. No good evidence backs up these tales, but they are undeniably intriguing, if only because of who is telling the tales.


                                                                                         Between 1952 and 1955 the Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio, a think tank that does classified analytical work for the U.S. government, studied a collection of UFO reports from Project BLUE Book .The Institute established that the unexplained sightings were fundamentally different from both explained sightings and those sightings with insufficient information for evaluation. Moreover, the “unknowns” came from the best-qualified observers, the sightings were of longer duration, and the unknown objects seldom bore any resemblance to their conventional counterparts.

                                                                                       So , during various stages of years , many claims came into the news for UFOs sightings but all of the claims were denied by the higher authorities and were never paid much importance. Infact they never wanted to pay attention to the claims and are focussed to hide the truth.


UFO and its Truth


 Where is smoke there’s Fire!!!!

UFOs which are believed to exist in the universe according to a large section of people, are always denied by the higher authorities which control the proceedings of the universe. NASA has always denied the fact that UFOs do really exist. They always take a step backwards when accepting the existence of UFOs. The point may be pressure from higher authorities or something else. But the general person who believes that they UFOs do exist and among them a major portion claims to see UFOs through their naked eye. Either they claim false or other higher authorities hide the truth from us


There are several incidents which cannot be called as a hoax but a claim having some weight. In different stages of passing years several claims relating to sighting have been reported sometimes very highly reliable cases do occur among them. One of the famous UFO sightings was The McMinnville UFO photographs were taken on a farm near McMinnville, Oregon in 1950.The photos were reprinted in LIFE magazine and in newspapers across the nation, and are often considered to be among the most famous ever taken of a UFO. The photos remain controversial, with many UFO researchers claiming they show a genuine, unidentified object in the sky, while many UFO skeptics claim that the photos are a hoax. Likewise there are several incidents reported across ages but all were proved hoax by different agencies and none were accepted as a genuine proof.


The Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting was the first postwar sighting in the United States that garnered nationwide news coverage and is credited with being the first of the modern era of UFO sightings, including numerous reported sightings over the next two to three weeks. Los Angeles, 1942: Just three months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, this incident occurred between February 24th and 25th, when an unidentified flying object was spotted over Los Angeles. Assumed to be another air strike from Japan, the UFO sparked a massive anti-aircraft military attack. The true identity of the object is still unknown today. Likewise there are several cases which I will be updating you about, but not this time. Just keep your eyes on my Blog updates .Have nice days ahead.