Influence of 800 Vanity Numbers on a Business


It is said that 800 vanity numbers have the most influence in branding your business than a normal phone number.In all the fields of marketing , be it online or electronic media or through banners and newspapers they have proved to be very fruitful and has been a real boost in upgrading the image of a business.


Establishing a Customer Response

800 vanity numbers have proved to be a great way to boost customer- business relation. Your business can enjoy the benefits of a virtual phone on one hand and the special features of toll free numbers on the other. Vanity 800 numbers offer an additional appeal although it’s of the promotional type. Vanity 800 numbers are the great asset in grabbing new customers.


Convenient and cost effective calling

800 vanity numbers are not only easier for the customers to call you but also enables your employees , suppliers and partners to reach you conveniently and cost effectively 24 hours a day. A Vanity 800 number makes you easily accessible across whole country.

Marketing through a vanity 800 number

A vanity number clearly propagates two very important messages: first, the type of business (it usually contains the name of the product/service) and second, the contact number to reach the business.


Always try to choose a Vanity Number which is industry or business related. For example, a company that specializes in swimming pool maintenance. Here, it is beneficial to choose a number like 1-855-POOLBOY or 1-877-BLUE-POOL because it relates directly to the industry and is not cryptic in any way. Even 1-800-SWIMMING would be an option for companies who are in this rare situation.